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FC Dansville Mustangs & Lady Mustangs Soccer is a developmental soccer club located in Dansville, NY organized to promote the following Mission:

• Develop a close relationship between coaches, players, parents, and the school district by promoting open involvement in its program and club functions as well as supporting open fiscal and administrative accountability. This approach ensures that all players, parents, coaches, and involved community members develop as a larger family from working and playing together on youth travel soccer teams.

• Develop the role model characteristics of honesty, fellowship, discipline, team play, leadership and self-reliance, all of which are what this organization considers to be the essentials of good sportsmanship.

• Provide, administer and promote developmental instruction in the game of soccer for players and coaches primarily from Dansville, New York and its surrounding county communities.

• Provide, administer and promote training for club coaches, assistant coaches, team volunteers, and board members to provide them the skills they need to achieve the goals established by the club.

FC Dansville's primary philosophy is to empower our children to be the best soccer players they can be, while still enjoying the sport of soccer, the sportsmanship it breeds, and greater social family it creates. Our coaching staff is prepared to develop youth soccer players to be team players and leaders who are skillful, competitive and professional both as athletes and as members of the larger community.