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Registration for the 2020 Winter Tech Sessions and Henrietta Sports Garden league is now open! 


3rd-6th Grade: Tech sessions and A la carte tournaments

7th-11th Grade: Tech sessions and Sports Garden league





2020 Tech Session Registration

Sessions will begin January 5th, 2020 there will be 10 sessions

Cost is $70.00 per player for both age groups

Grades 7th-11th.....If you are playing in the Sports Garden Indoor league in addition to the tech sessions you can write one check for $140.00

3rd thru 6th Grade will train from 12:00PM to 1:30pm on Sundays


Tournament play will be a separate cost that will vary by tournament.  Please check with your specific coach for additional details. Jana Everett for 5th & 6th and Cody Dudek for 3rd & 4th


7th thru 11th Grade will train from 1:00PM to 3:00PM on Sundays as well


Training sessions will be led by Alfred State soccer coaches

For more information please contact Coach French at frenchs@dansvillecsd.org

Opened: 11/20/2019

In Grades: 3 to 11 for 2019-20 School year

15 registrations

2020 Winter Indoor 7th-11th grade Sports Garden

Winter Indoor league at the Henrietta Sports Garden

Saturday Evenings-Carpooling encouraged

Cost is $90 if only doing the league

$140 if doing both Tech sessions and Sports Garden

Opened: 11/20/2019

Open to: Boys

In Grades: 7 to 11 for 2019-20 School year